Saturday, June 11, 2016

Making A Mess In The Kitchen


 Gracie and her car.

Going for a ride.

I tried to make cinnamon rolls this morning. They did look good as they went into the oven. I took them out when the timer went off and let them set for a few minutes and then started to frost them. The middle ones were sinking and I knew that wasn't a good sign. Yep, underdone. And I had already put the frosting on so I couldn't cook them any longer. But I do know that my Wonder Mix will make my cinnamon roll dough. All that work and mess for nothing. Lesson learned: check for doneness!
I then made Snickerdoodles Cookies in my new mixer. They turned out perfect. I just have to get used to not mixing very much.
I went over to Janna and here was Gracie all dressed up in her hat and tutu riding her car all over the place. She kept hiding from the camera so I couldn't get her face. What a funny duck she is.
Janna had Austin go get Mexican food for dinner so I wouldn't have to cook.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for my ability to bake and cook. I love it most of the time. Blessed!

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