Monday, January 11, 2016

Lunch With My Friends

  Judy and Heather

 Gracie and Heather's Horse

Gracie and Grady

 Don't Take My Picture

Ok fine, but I'll give you my mean look.

My good friends Judy and Heather took me out to lunch for my Birthday. Aren't they the sweetest. We went to a Chinese Restaurant by Walmart. It was yummy. I came home and hung out and received pictures from Tommie. She sent the one of Gracie riding the rocking horse I made for Heather when I lived in Acton. It just brought back so many memories of Heather riding that horse. And I think she is wearing a new hat. So cute. The next picture I got was of her and her cousin Grady. They had a great time mauling each other. How very sweet.
In the afternoon I went to Mapleton and picked up John and brought him home with me. He had dinner with me and stayed the night. It was good to have him here.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for good friends who I love. I am blessed!

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