Sunday, July 12, 2015

New Shoes

 Eating a Cookie

 New Shoes


More Garden

Janna took Bailee and Gracie to get new shoes. Gracie loves her tennies. What a good Aunt Janna to buy her shoes. Janna and I have worked out a system for caring for Gracie. After she works all day she takes over Gracie. Getting ready for bed, brushing her teeth, etc. So I know when Janna comes home I am off duty. Poor Janna works all day and then comes home to a baby. But we both love this little munchkin so much that we will do anything for her.
And my other favorite thing is my garden. I love to go water it and see what's growing. Thanks to my Tommy for building my garden boxes for me.
Janna and Tommy are digging up the septic tank so we can have it pumped. Yucky is all I have to say.
Grateful Statement: To day I am so grateful for my garden. I just love it. I am so blessed to have it.

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