Sunday, July 26, 2015

Beautiful Sabbath

 Look what I found on BJ's shelf.

Going to a BBQ with Aunt Janna

I went to Ward Council Meeting today. We discussed the members that need extra help or efforts to fellowship. The speakers were the new couple in our ward that moved into the Robertson's house. Their talks were good. Then it was off the Gospel Principles class where I got to sit by a sister that is just coming back to church. It was a good lesson on the Sabbath. Then on to Relief Society. Lyn Olsen taught the lesson from the talk "Stay by the Tree". It was fabulous.
Came home and started to clean for Kathy's visit tomorrow. Home teachers came to visit. It was Tiffany and her son Carson. Lane is flying the Melaluca big wigs somewhere.
Bailee and Harley painted their rooms and got new bedding. When I went in to see Bailee' room there was her shelf with a picture of her Grandpa on it. She has always loved her Grandpa. When she was little she would follow him around everywhere he went. He even took her to put up signs.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for the Sabbath. I am grateful that Heavenly Father saw fit to give me a day to renew my strength for another week. I am so blessed.

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