Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Artisan Bread

 Artisan Bread Dough and Pickled Beets

Grace and her Horsie

Playing in her Cupboard

Kathy and I made Artisan Bread from my Craftsy video. We had tons of fun. It was a complete hit with Matthew. He loves bread so it was perfect for him. Kathy ordered her Danish Whisk and a bucket so she can go home and make some more.
 I also pickled my first batch of beets from my garden. It was so easy. I had never grown or canned beets before so I learned something new. 
Gracie is riding her horse that one of Janna's friends gave her. She love it. And of course, playing in the only cupboard she is allowed to play in my kitchen. She loves the bowls and colanders. 
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for my garden and that I'm learning so much. How blessed I am to have garden boxes just outside my front door. 

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