Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pulling Weeds

I spent the day pulling weeds in my garden and sorting pictures for scrapping our Canadian trip with Dean and the kids. It was really fun to see all the pictures. Thank goodness I have a blog so I can figure out what happen each day. And believe you me there was tons of events each day.
Then I made Mac and Cheese for dinner and Brownies for dessert.  Just as I got that all done a huge wind storm came up and off went the power. We are far better prepared this time than all the times before.
I needed to water parts of my garden and my Petunias but when we have no power we have no water. So Janna and I pulled weeds until it was too dark to see.
I am reading the Handbook for Relief Society and the first 6 chapters that the Stake President has asked all the organizations to do. I was able to finish up to chapter 5. So having no power did have perks.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for the vacations Dean and Family have taken me on. What wonderful memories and blessings.

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