Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Visiting New Sisters

Crystal and I went to visit the two new sisters in our ward. They are mother and daughter and so nice. We learned many things about what they like to do and where they came from (Southern California) and what brought them to Rigby. It was Brother Dalling who was a mission companion to Andy the husband. So that's what brought them here.
Then we went around and tried to figure out who the new move in's are. We met a lovely lady whose husband works in the oil fields. She is not a member but very nice.
Went to a couple of houses but the sisters weren't in. Another day.
I also went visiting teaching to Evelyn Muir with Crystal. If only we could get this young mom to come to church. I think her husband gives her a bad time about it.
I made Tacos for dinner and cleaned out my fridge. It really needed it.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for this calling because I get to know all the sisters in the ward. I am blessed to be the Relief Society President.

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