Sunday, June 7, 2015

Swinging in the Hot Walker

 Around and

Around she goes.

Today was a wonderful day at church. I always find my happy spiritual self there. We had good lessons and testimony's. I was spiritually fed today. Bailee took Gracie to church and she was very good. I think it's easier as she gets older.
We are able to go online now and make all our Visiting Teaching changes and reports from our home computer. What a blessing that is not to have to go to the church to do them.
Janna hooked up Gracie's swing to the horse walker and she turns it on and around and around Gracie goes. She loves it and never wants to get off. How ingenious!
She helped me take care of the chickens tonight and give the little ones water. Always my helper.
I worked on this page this morning and finished it after church.

Animal Lovers

Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for all the things I learn and am reminded of at church. It like going to a Fountain of Spiritual Water and drinking as much as you want. What a blessing Church is to me.

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