Monday, May 4, 2015


 Taking a Walk

Buffalo Herd

Old Faithful

Heather, Gracie and I took a little day trip to Yellowstone to see the sites. We watched Old Faithful go off and lots of steaming pots. We saw Elk and tons of Buffalo. Parts of the road was closed so we were limited on how far we could go. We going at least 10 more times. I never tire of the magnificent beauty of this place. 
We took a lunch with frozen wheat bread and after finally finding the picnic benches we found out we didn't have a spoon or knife to spread the Tuna Salad. Then we found out our bread had not thawed out and was still frozen. Lesson Learned, don't put frozen bread in an ice chest if you would like to eat it for lunch. So we had a hamburger at a restaurant.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for a kind and loving Father in Heaven who puts such an awesome place on this earth for me to enjoy.

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