Thursday, May 7, 2015

Packing and Going to Winco

I took care of Gracie again today as she still has her temperature in the mornings. She keeps Tommy and I laughing all day long with her cute little ways.
I worked on laundry and packing my suitcase for my trip to Arizona tomorrow. 15 hours to Gilbert so I am only going to Kanab tomorrow and staying the night.
I also went to Winco this afternoon so I could get stuff for my family to cook while I am gone. Lots of frozen stuff for the kids. It was a job but I got it done and came home and put it all away.
This morning I went to visit Mary Studebaker. She is getting married on Saturday and wanted to show me her dress. She is so happy. Delwin is going to retire so they can do things together. I think she has found a wonderful man to marry. We had a good visit and Tommy babysat Gracie for me.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for my friendship with Mary. We have had such good times together. I am so blessed to know her.

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