Heading to Phoenix

 Started out in rain and snow.

 Cloudy skies in Flagstaff

Clear skies in Phoenix

I left Kanab at 9 in the morning. As I went to my car I realized it was raining. Then as I was traveling along to Flagstaff it started to snow. What the Heck....
I arrived in Phoenix around 4 without incident. My body was tired of driving for sure. Ethel was still at the church for Prescilla's luncheon. Her and Jake came home and we had a wonderful visit. Then Ruth came over and we chatted some more. Then around 10pm Della, Loren, Patricia and Hannah came to spend the night. We laugh and talked until 1am. Who knew I could stay awake until then.
Now its bed time. Off to hug my pillow.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for my safe trip home. I am blessed to be able to take these trips.


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