Saturday, September 13, 2014

Waking up in Page

 Waking up!!

Walmart Parking Lot

 Beautiful Sunrise in Kanab

 Putting Ice in the Ice Chest

Ruth and I got up and went to McDonald for breakfast. Then we got in our car (after I found the keys I had lost) and headed to Kanab. We stopped in Kanab and got Ice for our ice chest and headed on down the road. We were headed for Springville to pick up Heather and Gracie and then it was on to Idaho and Home Sweet Home.
We were so happy to pull into our garage and get out of the car. We were so tired from hardly any sleep. But we made it safe and sound and went to bed early.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful to have had a driver. It made the trip easier. I am blessed to have my sweet cousin with me.

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