Monday, September 8, 2014

Going Back to Gilbert

Ethel's Front Yard

Ethel and I came home today from Show Low. On the way we went through Star Valley and Ethel thought she saw a flash and then told me they had camera's. Sure enough I got a ticket in the mail for going 56 in a 45. Oh well, such is life.
We stopped and visited with Jake and Della. Della gave us a big bag of string beans from her garden. We made them that night for dinner.
When we got to Ethel's her front yard was full of water from the rains Sunday night. There was water standing everywhere. But no damage to Ethel's house.
Ruth came over and we messed around on her computer. That's all folks!
Grateful Statement:  I am so grateful for my wonderful cousins. I am blessed to be from this family.

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