Sunday, September 21, 2014

Took Ruth to the Airport


Gracie and Toby having a little drink.

I went to Church and had a wonderful Sabbath experience. I came home and Ruth and I worked on sorting more of Tassey's wedding pictures. Then all too soon it was time to take Ruth to the Airport. Heather and Gracie went with me. It was sad to say goodbye.
After I came home I dealt with some Relief Society stuff. I visited a sister that just had surgery and another sister that needed a map of the ward. It has been a busy weekend figuring out how we are going to take care of the sister who had surgery. But I know the Lord will let me know how it is to be done.
Gracie was outside drink out of a sprinkler when Toby decided to join her. I just had to post this picture Heather took of her. So dang cute.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for willing sisters that will serve each other. The Lord is merciful to us.

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