Sunday, December 6, 2015

Teaching Primary

Today I got a call from Britney at 10:30 saying she wouldn't be able to teach because her kids have a cough. I got the lesson printed out figured out what I was going to do and printed out handouts. All in 15 minutes. The lesson was on tithing and it went very well. The kids knew the concept when we were done and what the Bishop does with the money and what the church does with the money. It was fun and we even went on a field trip to the Bishop's office to get a tithing envelope which we sent home with instructions to work for a dollar and be paid in 10 dimes and give one dime back to Heavenly Father.
I really felt in my realm today. I love little kids and I truly felt like a primary teacher. I am sad about not having this class next year. Carter promised me he would say a prayer next week so he could get a sticker on his chart. I really feel like I have finally won him over and now he won't be in my class anymore.
I came home and rested. I was supposed to have a tithing settlement at 6:50 but I told the Bishop that I would come in if he wanted me to but that was during the Christmas Devotional. So I went into his office right after church and said yes to the big question. It was pretty funny. We did talk about Britney and how to best help her. I told the Bishop that I would always have a lesson prepared just in case I needed to. He thought that was a good idea.
That was my Sabbath.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to teach in Primary. What a wonderful place to be.

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