Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Gracie Is Pulling Herself Up

Gracie standing up and walking down the couch.

Today it was snowing a little bit and I tried to deliver the VT assignments to the sisters we had made changes on. Only one sister was home so I'll try again tomorrow.
Took Gracie to have her Iron checked. She is perfect. The nurse said she looks like the Gerber baby. And of course we all agree. 
I went to Broulims and got Musinex D. $30.00 for the box of pills. I hope and pray they work so this stuff can go away. I am more than sick of coughing every night. Heather is taking it too so she can get over it faster than I have.
I make pizza for dinner and it was all devoured except one little piece. I guess I need to make 6 pizza so we can have leftovers. I am glad everyone likes them.
Tonight Gracie pulled herself up on the couch and walked to the end to pet Molly's feet. Molly let her and didn't do anything. She is just growing up so fast.
Now it's time to go to bed and get my sleep. Tomorrow is another day and I hope I get up feeling like my old self.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for the support that Tommy has always given me as I have pursued all my hobbies and the things I wanted to learn. He has always just let me go and do whatever and never complained. I am blessed to be married to such an awesome guy.

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