Friday, May 26, 2017


 This is it!

I took Gracie to Lolo's today and headed in to Idaho Falls to shop at JC Penney's. I found this dress and a pair of pants and a blouse. And 2 more pair of shoes. And it was all under $100 dollars. They were having a huge sale and I had a gift card and $20 in rebates from my Penney's card. So I scored.
I came home after 3 hours of this and sat in my chair. 
I made Chicken Tenders for dinner with French Fries and Brocolli. That was all I could do. 
I did some book work and worked on pages.
It was a pretty good day. And I have a dress for the wedding.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful that I could find a dress and shoes. I prayed that I could find something and so I did. Blessings Abound!!

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