Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Gracie Gets Two Fillings

 Janna and Gracie brushing the Dinosaurs Teeth

Dr. Baker Filling Gracie's Teeth

This has got to be the best patient ever. She never fights it, just does what they ask. They gave her gas and she fell asleep as Dr. Baker was drilling her teeth. It was a wonderful experience for her and not scary at all. Of course having Janna hand to hold helped tons.
On the way home her tooth started to hurt so when we got home I gave her Tylenol and she watch a little TV and then she was out. She had a long nap and woke up with no pain. The Dentist actually called to check on her. I really like him.
I worked on more books and learned some more things. I make Mac N Cheese for dinner and my home teacher Brother Olson came over. He always challenges Tommy do better. So far Tommy still lets him in so I guess that is good.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for a home teacher that isn't afraid to teach Tommy the Gospel.
I love him and his little family. I am blessed.

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