Friday, March 4, 2016

Grinding Wheat

Grinding Wheat

I spent the afternoon grinding wheat. I mix my old red wheat from 1990 and my white wheat form 2005 together. I only have 4 more cans of red wheat and I will be done. From then on it's white wheat. I haven't canned any red wheat since 1990. It really makes a delicious bed. I love the table Tommy made me for Christmas. It makes this job much easier. I ground a 5 gallon bucket full of mixed red and white wheat and filled up all my jars and tupperware containers and put them in my freezer. 9 batches of bread coming up. 
Gracie is feeling pretty bad again today. Her throat hurts so she doesn't want to swallow. She just drolls all over the place. But we don't care. We just used a million tissues to catch it before it hit the floor.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for my handy hubby that can make me these wonderful tables and for wheat that lasts 26 years and is still as good as new. Blessing abound in my house.

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