Friday, October 2, 2015

Rainy Day

Weird House




It was a gray and rainy day. I loved the sound of the rain. And I fond a bunch of earth worms huddled together in 4 piles in my garage. So I scooped them up in my dust pan and put them in my garden. Gracie wasn't a fan of worms especially when they wiggled.
I spent the day organizing my pages and getting them ready for scrapping weekend next Friday and Saturday. I also organized some pictures I needed to sort. I am glad I keep them pretty much up to date so it's not such a huge chore.
I made Chicken Fingers for dinner with mashed potatoes and corn. Everyone loves chicken fingers around here.
Gracie felt pretty good off and on. We had a good day and she only drove me bonkers a couple of times. I truly love this little munchkin,
Here are some pages I have finished in the last couple of weeks. I am finally getting around to posting them.
Grateful Statement: I am truly grateful for all my many blessings. I know that each and every day I receive so many. Too many to count.

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