Conference Again

I was able to listen to both sessions of Conference today. I was moved by the Spirit so many times. I just love all the talks and I love that I am getting to know all the Apostles. I really am so glad for the Gospel. What a special thing it is to me that I was born into the church and didn't have to take the chance that I wouldn't find it.
Gracie watched with me off and on. She played the organ on my window sill again today and sang with the choir. What a sweet voice as the sing gibberish with her cute little face.
I made pizza's for dinner. I have finally got it down to a science. The family liked them and it was easy to make and serve.
I read Hannah letter on her blog. What an awesome missionary she is. So full of faith. I pray every day that she will get the gift of tongues so she can understand and speak the language. I know she will get it. It's just a matter of time.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for General Conference. To be fed by the Apostles is such a privilege. I am blessed beyond measure.


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