Christmas Day

 Opening Presents

 Eating Dinner

Crazy Kulow Girls

We opened presents at Janna's this morning. Ronnie had spent the night so he would be here for Christmas morning. It's a good tradition for the kids to have mom and dad on Christmas day. The kids liked what Santa brought them. 
I made Turkey and Ham that Janna and Harley had gotten for Christmas. It was pretty good. Everyone liked it so I guess it was okay. The Turkey was smoked and it's not my favorite. But the Ham was delish. I spent the rest of the day scrap booking and watching television.
John called to wish me a Merry Christmas. Then my brother Johnnie called and then Dean. So I heard for all my loved ones today. I got a picture of Gracie. Just made me miss her tons.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for my family and the wonderful holidays celebrating baby Jesus' birth. I am bless to know these things through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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