Sunday, March 30, 2014

Scrapping Weekend

Heather and I left for Utah on Thursday after her orientation for Pizza Hut. She has a job there. It was around 3pm before we got under way so we didn't get to Spanish Fork until around 8pm. I took her to John's so she could stay with him and I was off to Elk Ridge to stay with Dean and Amie.
I got up on Friday and went grocery shopping with Heather so she would have something to eat. John's cupboards were bare. Then it was off to Heather Merrill house to scrap book. I spent all day Friday and Saturday scrapping with my friends. I have had a cough for over a week and it drove me crazy so I went home around 9 or 10 both nights.
On Saturday we watched the Women's Conference. That night when I came out to go home my car wouldn't start. I think I must have left the ignition on ACC. So Dean and Amie had to rescue me. Thank goodness my kids take such good care of me.
I got up this morning and took John to breakfast and Heather, Gracie and I were off. It was some pretty bad weather but we made it safe and sound. Gracie slept the whole way. She is just the best traveler ever.
Heather had to be to work at 6pm tonight so I hemmed her pants for her and Janna took her to work. I am going to pick her up when she gets off.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for the words of President Eyring. I am going to listen to his message again tonight when I go to bed. What wonderful leaders we have.

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