Friday, May 2, 2014

Last Day Going to Blackfoot

 Gracie and Janna

I have spent the week taking care of Gracie all day and driving two hours to pick Heather up in Blackfoot and bringing her home. She is taking a class to be an Addiction Coach. She will be so good at it.
Janna called me this afternoon and said she would be off work in time to get Heather. What a nice surprise. I didn't have to make that trip again.
Heather came home, changed her clothes, gave Gracie lots of kisses and then off to her job at Pizza Hut.
Janna took Gracie out to feed Memphis and when I looked out the window her and Gracie were on the tramp.
Today was a good day in the neighborhood. Such beautiful weather. I made Chili and corn muffins for dinner and babysat this cute little baby all day. Now it's time to chill and watch some TV.
Grateful Statement: Today I am grateful for the opportunity I had to watch this little munchkin all week. Sometimes it was pretty hard on my back but so worth it to have her give me loves and kisses. I am blessed beyond measure.

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