Wednesday, September 21, 2016

More Spahetti Sauce Canned - Football Game

Ready for Lolo's

4 More Quarts

I took Gracie to Lolo's today and came home and started Black Beans for Burritos for dinner and emptied 5 quarts of puree'd tomatoes in a big pot. I added all the spices and let it simmer for about 4 hours. Then I canned it in my Steamer Canner. It was better than the other one's. How easy to make spaghetti now. I also made yummy Lemon Chicken Quinoa Soup. I love this soup. It is DElish.
Gracie went to Bailee's Football game with Janna. 

 Bailee's Team

Gracie and Janna

Only Aunt Nana would have her face painted with the logo of the team. Gracie loves to go anywhere with Janna.
I do believe I am tired and ready for bed.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful today for the energy I have had to accomplish the things I needed to get done. I am blessed!

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