Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Going To The Doctor

At the ENT 

Cha Cha Showing Gracie Pictures

I discovered a lump on Gracie's throat last week. Janna took her to Community Care and they told her to take her to her ENT doctor. So Tommie and I took her today. He said it was a Thyroid Gland that formed a lump. She is scheduled for Surgery on the 29th to have it removed. He doesn't think it's infected and said it would be a pretty simple procedure. There is a chance that it is attached to a bone in the front of her throat and if so he will have to remove a part of the bone in her throat. So we shall see. 
Cha Cha and Gracie are looking at pictures together. Gracie loves to look at pictures on her phone.
It's very nice having her here to play with Gracie. She is a good grandma.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for Tommie. She is always willing and able to help me with Gracie. She loves this little girl so much. I am blessed.

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