Thursday, September 29, 2016

Gracie's Surgery

  The Stuffed Animal They Gave Her

 Playing the Ipad

 So Cute

 Trying to Wake Up

 Loves Her Aunt Nana

Home On The Couch

Janna, AJ and I took Gracie to Rexburg to have a lump removed from her neck. It was pretty standard surgery and ended up being a cyst. The ENT Dr. said it may grow back but it's no big deal. I am just glad it was nothing and that surgery went well. This little trooper never cried. When we got home Papa made hot dogs and Gracie wanted one so she ate the whole thing sitting on the couch watching cartoons.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful this little girl is so good. She does what she is told and is so good. She is a blessing in my life and I think Heavenly Father knew I needed this little one to take care of. I am blessed!

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