Friday, September 23, 2016


 Gracie Before Going to Lolos

 New Coat

Janna Bought Her a New Coat

I spent most of the day working on Janna and my bank accounts. I reconciled everything and set up bill pay accounts. I am so glad that job is over with. Now to check it every morning and keep it up to date.
Gracie was really into playing with her babies and spent some time before leaving for Lolo's reading stories to her dollies. I love to watch her play. Such and imagination. She is so independent and just takes care of herself. And I love all the little friends she has to play with.
I cooked a ham from our piggy and it was the best ham I have had in a long time. I put garlic mashed potatoes in the crock pot and open a can of corn. Dinner was done. Janna had to work really late so Harley and Gracie took her a plate of food. They went to Cal Ranch where Harley works and picked out this cute jacket for Gracie.
Grateful Statement: I am so glad that I learned how to be a bookkeeper many years ago. It's good to know how to keep everything straight. I am blessed with a desire to always be learning something new.

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