Gracie's 1st Birthday

 Gracie under the tree.

 Heather and Gracie 

 On the grass in front of the WIC office.

Gracie in her swimming pool.

Today I took Heather to Physical Therapy and put Gracie down for her nap. Heather called to tell me she was through so I had to wake Gracie up as she had a WIC appointment for he 1 year check up. I really can't believe she is already a year.
Off we went to Walmart after her WIC appt. so I could find her a swing set for her birthday. Walmart didn't have one so we went to Kmart. So we went to Toy R Us and they had one. By this time we were all tired and Gracie wanted her bottle. But we found the swing set. Wahoo.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful that I have the means to buy this sweet baby her swing set. I am blessed!


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