Friday, June 16, 2017

New Couches and Chairs

 AJ and Janna Relaxing

 My Electric Recliner


Tommy's Family

Janna and AJ met me at Furniture Row store. I needed her help to choose the right one. I was going to charge it and pay it off in 6 months. But Janna put it on her account and wouldn't let me pay her back. What a fabulous daughter she is. So I will do lots of book work for her to pay her back.
Janna and AJ found these massage chairs in the furniture store and had to try them out. I don't think that they ever wanted to get out. 
I also got Tommy a new chair just like mine so he can get out of it easy. And I framed the pages I made of Tommy's family and hung them up. Finally!!
Grateful Statement: I am so blessed to be able to have new couches and chairs. What a blessing my generous daughter is. I am truly blessed!

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