Monday, March 6, 2017

Doctor Visits

I got up and fasted so I could get blood work done and my meds. The doctor gave me 3 months for a prescription so I won't run out again. He didn't want to do a blood test until I have been back on my meds for 6 weeks. So I will be going back.
Then I had Harley watch Gracie so I could go to the Cardiologist with Tommy. He seems to be doing well. They want to increase the Heart medication but if they do his blood pressure may go too low so they are working with his meds to get a bigger dose. What a merry go round this is.
I came home and started making Taco Soup. I made a big batch for the Grace House and a small batch for us.
I also canned my 25 lbs of rice and put it in my storage. I love these Case Lot Sales.
Grateful Statement: I am so glad for food storage. It brings me peace to know I am somewhat prepared. I am blessed!

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