Kathy, Kristen and Kids are Here

Camden and Gracie had so much fun on the Tramp.

 It's a Winco train if Aiden is around.

 Here we  are Celebrating Austin's Birthday.

Gracie is helping Austin open his present.

Kathy came to visit and stayed a week. We had tons of fun shopping, talking and just having fun. Gracie loved having Camden to play with. 
Kristen is a diabetic and she went low. I had never seen someone go into convulsions from low sugar. Kathy gave her a shot and she was better after about 1/2 hour. She has had this since she was a teenager. I feel bad that she had to cope with this all the time.
I really enjoyed being with Kathy. We always are so comfortable with each other.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for my best friend. Heavenly Father was so kind to put her in my life. We are truly soulmates.


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