Monday, June 2, 2014


 Janna and the Kids

 Heather and Gracie

 Heather and Bailee

 Harley running down the beach.

 Heather, Gracie and Austin


Gracie crawling on the beach.

Today we went to the beach again to collect sand dollars. We found a bunch and also took a family picture of Janna and the kids. Then Gracie went crawling after a dog on the beach. She loves the sand. The kids had so much fun.
We came back to our motel and Harley and Austin wanted to stay in and watch TV and read so Janna and I dropped Heather, Gracie and Bailee of downtown so they could go shopping. Janna and I went shopping to Maurice's and Janna got pants and a top and an outfit for Bailee. We really had fun.
Then we picked up the girls and went back to the motel and ordered pizza and just sacked out. We were tired from all fun.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for such a wonderful daughter that always makes me feel special. I am loved and blessed.

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