Wednesday, December 21, 2016

John, Gina and Heather Have Arrived

 Gracie and Grandpa John

 Rummy Tournament
Austin with a Beard

 What a cute Couple

Heather and Gracie

John and Gina brought Heather up to see Gracie. I love when they come. And I love the Rummy games we always play. We love it when Gina or I win. It makes the boys mad. It doesn't happen very often for me so I really rub it in. Austin was playing with us. He loves his Uncle John. Always has.
Gracie had a wonderful time with her mom. Sometimes she couldn't get her to wake up when she wanted to play but she dealt with it. 
We went to Cafe Rio for dinner with Janna, AJ and the kids. I love their food. It was a wonderful visit.They came on Saturday and stayed Sunday and left on Monday to go home.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful that John has found Gina. It makes me so happy to know he has someone. What a blessing she is in his life and mine.

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